Monday, October 21, 2013

Recorder Success!

5th Grade has been hard at work learning new notes on the recorder. 

We have been working on third space C and fourth line D.  These two notes are tricky because of how they are played.  Students are working really hard to learn and play these new notes.

What's next?  MORE NEW NOTES!!!  Keep up the great work, 5th Grade!  :)

3rd Grade Orchestra Field Trip a HUGE hit!

Students and teachers had a great time attending the Symphonic Band concert at Wheaton College last week! 

Ask your students about our musical trip around the world.  You won't believe what we saw!  We saw penguins in Antarctica and a didgeridoo in Australia.

We even took part in a battle between the clans in Ireland!


We saw all of that without leaving Illinois.  As you can see, we had a great time listening and watching the musicians play their instruments.

Instrument Investigations

Level 2 (3rd Grade) students have been researching an instrument over the last two weeks in the Music classroom.  Students have been able to use a variety of sources including apps on the new iPads, computers in the LLC  and our music textbooks!  Everyone is very excited as we begin our presentations.  Check out our research!

Starting presentation PowerPoints in the LMC

Using iPads in the Music Room

Researching instruments using classroom posters
and materials.
We started presenting our research to classmates this last week.  The presentations have been OUTSTANDING!  Students have lots to be proud of :)