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Hand Clapping Games

My 3rd Graders and I are learning hand clapping games in response to the question 'how can Lincoln's 3rd Grade students keep hand clapping games alive on our playground?'  Below are some of our favorites.

Cross Down when Billy was one, he learned to jump and run.
Run Olly Olly, Run Olly, Olly.
Half past one.

Cross Down when Billy was two, he learned to tie his shoes.
Shoes Olly Olly, Shoes Olly, Olly.
Half past two.

Cross Down when Billy was three, he learned to climb a tree.
Tree Olly Olly, Tree Olly, Olly.
Half past three.

Cross Down when Billy was four, he learned to shut the door.
Door Olly Olly, Door Olly, Olly.
Half past four.

Cross Down when Billy was five, he learned to swim and dive.
Dive Olly Olly, Dive Olly, Olly.
Half past five.

Cherry Cherry Ding Dong
Cherry Cherry Ding Dong
I know karate
Cherry Cherry Ding Dong
Oops!  I'm sorry!
Cherry Cherry Ding Dong
I'm gonna tell my mommy
Cherry Cherry Ding Dong
Criss cross applesauce, if you're crossed you lost!

Lemonade (3 claps)
Crunchy Ice  (3 claps)
Sip it once  (3 claps)
Sip it twice  (3 claps)
Lemonade, Iced Tea, Coca Cola, Pepsi
Turn around, touch the ground, 
Kick your boyfriend out of town!

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