Friday, February 22, 2013

Centers in 2nd Grade

2nd Graders have been very excited to have centers come to the music room!  Many of our activities coincided with 1st grade centers, but are focused around concepts we are learning in Music (i.e. half note and melodies using So-La-Mi-Do).  Check out some of our successes!

We listened to 'A-Tisket, A-Tasket' performed by the great Ms. Ella Fitzgerald.  We had a great time listening to this new style of music and completed a listening log to show what we heard in the music.

In the reading center, students worked to match the iPods.  One iPod had the melody pattern written on the music staff and the matching iPod had the melody pattern written in pitch syllables.  Students had to work together to match all of the iPods.

We played our new favorite in the games center!

The Instrument Center looks similar to the center completed in 1st grade this week but with one change- 2nd graders wrote melodies using 3 notes (So-La-Mi) instead of the two used in 1st grade.

In the writing center we completed a worksheet about half note and half rest.  Once the worksheet was completed, students practiced writing various music symbols found in written music.  Some of them are quite strange to us!

The students and I agreed that centers were great fun.  I can't wait to put together the next round of centers!

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