Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ta, Ta-ti and the Mystery

Since 1st grade is done with their music program, it's time to review our known music concepts so we can discover something new!  Yes, we are currently looking and listening for not one, but two mystery notes.  One mystery note is a rhythm that goes along with Ta and Ta-ti (quarter and eighth notes) while the other is a melody name that goes along with So and Mi (minor 3rd).  We reviewed by playing Tic Tac Toe with one another.  Check out the work of the students in Ms. Conrad's and Mrs. Sandoz's classes!

 One student clapped one of the rhythms for the other.  If the listener guessed the correct rhythm, he or she placed a chip on that rhythm.  If the listener guessed incorrectly, the clapper placed a chip on the correct rhythm!

 Our boards quickly filled up!  There were many cat's games because we are so good at listening 
for Ta and Ta-Ti!

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