Wednesday, November 12, 2014

UPDATE!!! Miss Mary Mack IS Back!!!

We have exciting news to share about our question 'How can Lincoln's 3rd Grade keep hand clapping games alive on our playground?'

We have been collecting data during lunch recess about hand clapping games.  Our questions included the following:

  • Do you see anyone playing hand clapping games?
  • Number of kids playing in the group
  • Grade level of kids playing
  • Use of nonsense words
  • Use of challenging movements

The first two times we went out, we saw not a single student playing hand clapping games.  The 3rd grade started to play games we learned in class out on the playground during lunch recess and would you believe, that we are starting to see these games catch on?  This week, we have seen as many as 10 groups playing and the students playing are from all grade levels!  This is exciting to see on our playground!

We've learned that hand clapping games are fun, but we do not know enough games to keep them from growing stale.  Each group of 3rd grade students (4-5 in a group) have been given the task of creating a new hand clapping game to present to our playground.  We have been working hard and are ready to show our work!

3rd graders are busily prepping for a practice presentation at the end of this week.  Hopefully, we will all hear some good feedback as to what is going well and what needs some attention.  We will present our new games to some experts on December 4th.  Our experts include music teachers, local college music professors, playground supervisors, and administration.  Wish us luck!  Check out some pictures of our work in progress:

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