Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Objectives

I have been an absent blogger and I have to apologize.  All of the sudden it's October 1st!  What happened to September?
Well, it's been busy in the Music Room!  We are actively learning, playing instruments, reading stories, moving, dancing, playing games...  Check out or objectives for October!

Kindergarten:  I can keep a steady beat (this is the same as September, but it's a skill that serves as the foundation for all music concepts).
1st Grade:  I can identify sounds that go up, down and stay the same.
2nd grade:  I can find the strong beat in recorded music.
3rd Grade:  I can identify instrument families by sound, sight, and name.
4th grade:  I can explain the role of a time signature.
5th Grade:  I can name rhythms using numbers.

If you're checking the blog this week, come in and tell me the secret password for a blog-checker prize!  This week's password is 'candy corn'!

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