Wednesday, November 7, 2012

1st Grade explores Forte and Piano!

If you peek into the Music room this month, you might see the 1st Graders popping up and down like popcorn!  No, it's not because we are hungry, it is because we are exploring forte and piano.  Forte is the Italian word for 'loud' and piano is the Italian word for 'soft' or 'quiet'.  Since all musical markings are written in Italian, we learn the terms in Italian as well as English. 

Students listened to the March from "Jeux D'enfants" by Bizet.  They listened for the sections that were forte and piano.  When the music was piano, the students made themselves as small and quiet as possible.  When the music was forte, the students made themselves as large and loud as possible.  They really looked like popcorn!  As you can probably guess, forte was our favorite. 


We read a story from Spotlight on Music (our district music textbook) called Romper, Stomper, and Boo.  Watch the blog for performances of this story over the next few weeks!

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