Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3rd Grade Orchestra Field Trip!

What a fun morning!  We traveled to Wheaton College to see the Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra perform but before we went into the auditorium, we walked through campus to see Perry's Mastadon.  The Mastadon was recovered from Perry's Pond in the 1960s.  Perry's Pond is right here in our town!  It was exciting to see all of the information about the Mastadon before the concert.

On to the concert!  After reviewing concert ettiquite, we entered the auditorium ready to listen to the music.  Little did we know we would also be treated to a magic show with local magician, Mike Folker!  Mr. Folker was fantastic!  He talked about how music can be colors for your ears.  He created many memorable works of color including a backwards American flag (he later fixed it) and a bright rainbow!  All the while, the orchestra played many familiar tunes, including Variations on America  which we listened to in class. 

Here are some links to videos of the music we heard at Wheaton College:

Sabre Dance by Katchaturian
Thus Sprach Zarathustra by Strauss
Storm Movement from Symphony #6 by Beethoven
March Militaire by Schubert
Violin Concerto in G Major Op 12 #1 by Vivaldi
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach/Stokowski
Variations on America by Ives

The students and teachers enjoyed our trip!

In our seats waiting for it to start.

Very excited!

Our teachers were excited too!

Some of us got to sit with our friends.

Our reaction to the question "How was the concert?"

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